Piers H. Gardener

Crafting Brands, Elevating Experiences, Driving Growth

A seasoned marketing professional with a passion for creative and strategic marketing.

Throughout my inspiring and diverse career, I have worked with renowned brands, nurtured start-ups, and offered consultancy when needed.

CRM and Tools

“I had the pleasure of working with Piers for just over three years at Claremont. I was consistently impressed by his knowledge and expertise across the breadth of the marketing landscape. Piers stays current with the latest market trends, technology, and consumer behaviour, allowing the business to maintain a competitive edge.”

Fiona M | Marketing Manager


In today’s dynamic business landscape, executing a robust marketing strategy isn’t just a task – it’s a journey towards brand elevation and revenue triumph.

” Piers is a professional, creative and hard worker who always delivers high quality output in the required deadlines.”

Keith B | Head of Finance

Piers H. Gardener Portfolio

Creative Marketing

How do you stand out against the competition? With this particular campaign, the brief was to create a B2B Managed Services campaign within the ERP industry.

  • Full re-brand to take the company in a new direction.
  • Deliver a message that customers could relate to.
  • Focus on the empathetic emotion of the target audience.
  • Distinguish the brand from the competition.
  • Create a theme across all online and offline platforms.


  • 70% increase in annual revenue across new and existing customers.
  • Oracle influenced opportunities.
  • A range of industry awards.

“I have great respect for Piers and feel privileged to know him. He’s one of those people that seeing his name on my phone or inbox, it makes me smile, because I know something good is about to happen.”

Adrian K. | CEO

“I’ve had some notable accolades along the way, and for me, there’s nothing quite like that creative moment, when you nail a strategy that returns a formidable ROI. I find that’s the real buzz! “

Piers H. Gardener