ChatGBT Review

ChatGPT Review – Worth The Hype? (2024)

In this ChatGPT review, we’ll look at how this AI-generated software can create artificially intelligent content and how it empowers users to write everything from opening paragraphs to code. But can it live up to the hype? 

Let’s see!


ChatGPT Review

Don’t Fall For The ChatGPT Hype

ChatGPT has definitely been receiving a lot of attention lately, with Silicon Valley investors drooling over it and tech pundits gushing about it like a good Mai Tai. Unfortunately, a chatbot can only do so much, and ChatGPT may not be as revolutionary as everyone thinks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you can have hours of fun talking to this thing – and it could even come in handy for some customer service tasks – but let’s not let it go to its head and decide that we should all bow down before it like a god or something. 

Bottom line? ChatGPT may be cool in its own way, but a hype train pushing it as the next big thing seems an exaggeration. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at ChatGPT to see what the fuss is all about.

Pros & Cons

Product Pros

  • Useful For First Drafts
  • Adds Punch To Your Copy
  • Coding Is Very Easy
  • Can Hold A Conversation
  • Proficient At Answering Questions

Product Cons

  • Outdated
  • Lacks Emotion
  • Not Original Content
  • Can Be Factually Incorrect

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a new artificial intelligence (AI) system that can generate realistic human conversation.

As a large language model, ChatGPT leverages the power of GPT-3.5 (abbreviated to “Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3”) to generate natural, human-like dialogue in a vast language model.

In a nutshell, ChatGPT can be classified as a “question-answering chatbot”. It can provide various services such as text translation, summarisation, question answering, and generation. With just some input from you, it will generate the appropriate output for your specific needs.

What can ChatGPT do?

With ChatGPT, you can write emails or essays, create poetry, answer questions and even generate lines of code tailored to your prompts. Furthermore, this technology can be used to develop virtual assistants or swiftly reply to customer inquiries.

ChatGPT Review

Who created ChatGPT?

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, OpenAI is an innovative research and development platform for Artificial Intelligence technology spearheaded by tech mogul Elon Musk and Sam Altman – a renowned American businessman, investor, and blogger. 

In 2015, they announced their mission statement to promote the utilisation of AI technology through OpenAI’s services.

ChatGPT Review

After a year of service, Musk departed OpenAI; however, he supported the organisation financially. Notable donor and investor groups such as Microsoft invested over $1 billion in its development, leading to the open end of their partnership.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT, an AI modelling system powered by machine learning algorithms, can study significant datasets of human input.

By examining the writer’s words and their meanings and connections, ChatGPT can predict which words or sentences will come after a specific question. This innovative technology enables users to generate new texts based on their queries.

Key Features

  • Write A Resume And Cover Letter

Crafting a custom CV and cover letter for each company you apply to can be exhausting, but Chat GPT simplifies the process. With just a few simple questions about your work history, academic accomplishments, and abilities, it can generate both documents in under two minutes!

Once you’ve filled out the necessary information, watch your resume come to life. Avoid adding confidential data for safety, as OpenAI does not advise this action. 

Writing a cover letter is relatively simple; all you need do is ask Chat GPT for one related to the position, and within moments it’ll generate your piece. Don’t forget to make some minor adjustments afterwards.

  • Clarifying Complicated Ideas

Chat GPT provides a handy feature – the ability to explain complex topics concisely. Just type “explain [topic]” and receive a short yet comprehensive explanation of your chosen subject!

  • Crafting lyrics

If you want to compose something unique, then the Chat GPT novelty feature is ideal. By simply entering “write song lyrics in the style of [artist or genre] about [theme],” this tool can mimic a specific artist’s writing fashion and provide you with an excellent title for your piece! 

This innovative function allows users to construct unique masterpieces, unleash your creativity, and create something unforgettable today with Chat GPT!

  • Write code

Without any doubt, Chat GPT is an incredible coder. If you are stuck on a coding issue, then why take advantage of the expertise of Chat GPT? Presently, the tool can program in these languages:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Ruby
  • Go

Despite the model’s struggles with complex coding tasks, it is highly sophisticated. There is even proof on the internet that this model passed Google’s coding interview and successfully developed a website from beginning to end!

User interface and user experience

The interface is as easy as possible with our AI chatbots. Its minimal design features have only a few button options, so it won’t confuse even seasoned tech users. The chatbox has two buttons: the chatbot and the chat interface. 

The interaction is also straightforward. You can also send us questions or messages. ChatGPT takes into consideration questions and contexts before making a suitable response. The chatbot takes around 10 seconds for a response.

Are there limitations to ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is programmed to recognise statistical relations and correlations, not comprehend the input or output as a human would.

Artificial Intelligence tools are often vulnerable to bias due to their training data, and without total transparency about the model’s development process, it isn’t easy to comprehend how exactly ChatGPT reaches its conclusions.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights has warned that biased algorithms could have a damaging effect if safeguards are not in place to prevent discrimination. Furthermore, this risk is magnified when the bot spreads false information and misinforms people–otherwise known as hallucinations. 

Therefore, it’s essential to enact measures which protect individuals from unfair algorithmic treatment by ensuring accountability with proper surveillance mechanisms to mitigate bias and discrimination.

One-way Response

ChatGPT can answer pretty much any question you throw at it, and in most cases, it does a good job – for a chatbot. But its responses are linear, like driving down a one-way street.

Let’s look at this example below, where the challenge to both ChatGPT and Jasper AI Chat is “How to write a number one hit single”.

ChatGPT Results

ChatGPT Review

ChatGPT’s response was overall quite impressive, covering the main points of the query, but that’s as far as it went. To gain more insight, it’s up to the user to enquire further using part of the answer provided.

Let’s look at how Jasper AI Chat tackles the same query.

ChatGPT Review

First impressions, ChatGPT has provided a more thorough and less flaky answer. However, from this query, Jasper AI is clever enough to understand that this is purely not the whole answer and provides prompts to the chat.

And when querying exactly what “catchy lyrics” to include, it follows up with a much more detailed reply.

ChatGPT Review

So from a user perspective, Jasper AI is more in tune and willing to explore the topic further, even though it’s still a BETA release at the time of writing.

Is ChatGPT Secure?

We all want secure technology, and ChatGPT seems to promise just that—but unfortunately, it’s not as safe as it sounds – at least not with the current free version.

While this software has some advantages, several security flaws make it much less secure. It’s essential to be aware of the risks associated with ChatGPT and understand why traditional methods of communication (like email) may be safer in the long run.

Lack Of Features

ChatGPT may be convenient, but it needs to include some key features for which other messaging apps are known. Despite the hype it has caused recently, ChatGPT can’t compete when it comes to providing its users with an array of functions and options.

So unless you have a unique reason to rely solely on ChatGPT, you should look into other messaging services. After all, getting the most out of technology necessitates having access to all the bells and whistles – and right now, ChatGPT doesn’t have them.

OpenAI acknowledges ChatGBT’s shortcomings

OpenAI’s open intelligence system is surprisingly transparent about ChatGPT’s capabilities. The company said the bots could be more efficient.

With this limitation in mind, ChatGPT is still prepared for a search engine replacement. It’s both helpful and fun to learn. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use the ChatGBT platform for information. 

In a recent statement by Co-Founder Sam Altman, he said on Twitter that “ChatGPT is incredibly limited but good enough at some things to create a misleading impression of greatness”. 

ChatGPT Review

Nevertheless, if you were inspired by all the buzz and still want to try this app, consider its features and security flaws, so you know what you’re getting into. 

Is ChatGPT Worth The Hype?

Maybe! Since its initial release, it has evolved and if you know what specific commands to input, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what it can do.  

People like to talk up ChatGPT like it’s the go-to solution for all their AI needs, but there is also a plethora of other awesome AI tools available online that give ChatGPT a run for its money.

There are Positives

From a machine learning point of view, ChatGPT should be praised for its ability to produce natural language processing and the underlying programming language that has made it what it is. 

It still has a way to go in generating human-like text at a technical level, but it’s fair to say that it is one of several game changers in the current machine-learning models. 

And when thinking of other AI content creators, several options are available, just with less fanfare, such as Jasper AI or Surfer SEO, a famous large language model with many more features than ChatGPT.  

The Future Is Here – Almost

But let’s take a moment to appreciate just how far ChatGPT, Jasler AI and other content creators have come in the last few years. These AI models are setting a new height for AI-generated content with their ability to generate text. 

At this point, none of these chatbots and content generators can produce exceptional written content without human feedback in terms of editing, but they’re not far off.   

Algorithms are becoming better at learning the intricacies of their purpose, resulting in content being created across the board at a very capable level – and it’s only going to improve!

When it comes to this particular ChatGPT review and the rolling bandwagon – this time around at least, there’s plenty to take notice of and to be honest, it’s just the beginning for AI.


Is ChatGPT A Reliable Source?

Although Open AI acknowledged that its classifier is not always accurate, it has correctly identified 26% of AI-generated English texts. Unfortunately, however, the same classifier needed to be corrected in determining human-written texts as having been written by artificial intelligence tools almost 10% of the time.

How Much Does ChatGPT Cost

ChatGPT is currently free as it’s still in the testing phase. Once various issues have been ironed out, expect a monthly subscription fee. 

What Are The Benefits Of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a powerful tool capable of providing immense knowledge on virtually any topic before 2022 and assisting with writing, analysing, and improving text or code.

Is ChatGPT Safe?

ChatGPT is only secure if the data it’s trained on, and its use are closely monitored.

If you’re using any of the content creation tools mentioned in this article, let me know about your experience in the comment section below.

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