Best AI Content Generator Software

7+ Best AI Content Generator Software (2024)

Regardless of your objectives, skillfully selecting Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools can help you rank better on Google – as simple as that. From a blog post to a product description – content generator software can uniquely help you reach new heights quickly and effectively.

In this guide, I rank and review 7+ Best AI Content Generator Software, plus my recommended Top 3, so you can pick the best one to suit your needs.

Jasper AI

Best For Overall
Jasper AI - Best Overall Content Creation Tool

Jasper AI is a powerful AI content marketing tool that helps businesses of all sizes maximise their marketing efforts. 

Surfer SEO

Best SEO Tool for content creation

Surfer SEO is ideal for marketers looking to drive more website traffic and improve their search rankings.


Anyword provides marketers with an intuitive interface to create content faster, quicker, and most importantly, in the right tone.

As a seasoned writer, I have spent many years crafting the technique of writing copy. Creating marketing copy that captures the reader’s attention can be challenging for advertisements, blogs, website content or social media posts. Writing that first sentence can sometimes be the most difficult part!

Best AI Content Generator Software

But then came a game changer – Artificial intelligence (AI). 

Content creation software that uses AI and machine learning has come a long way in the past couple of years and has positively changed how content writers produce accurate, creative and relevant copy.

In this post, I look at the best content creation tools that will empower you to become a better writer and save you up to 80% in writing time – sounds good, huh?

OK, let’s dive in!

What is the Best AI Content Generator Software?

Read on to discover some of the most outstanding AI content generators to help you quickly create captivating and unique content.

1. Jasper

Best Overall Content Generator Tool

Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, optimise your campaigns, or improve your customer engagement, Jasper AI is regarded as one of the best AI content generators for a good reason. 

Best AI Content Generator Software

Jasper AI is one of the best-known AI writing tools – a powerful AI content generator that helps businesses of all sizes maximise their marketing efforts. To create better content much faster, you need to try Jasper. 

Through its advanced machine learning capabilities, Jasper analyses a wide range of data and user behaviour to provide personalised content recommendations and insights. 

Key Features

Best AI Content Generator Software

  • Create original content that ranks for SEO 
    • Plug in some simple commands, and Jasper takes care of the rest, creating SEO-optimised copy.
  • Boost ad conversions with better copy 
    • Create multiple versions with ease to improve sales and ROI.
  • Finish your first draft 10X faster
    • One of the best things about Jasper is that it saves you a tonne of time! you can quickly and easily generate writing paragraphs by simply telling the AI what you want.
  • End writer’s block with ideas from a robot
    • Jasper is a friendly AI that will not destroy the world but will help you write creative copy, even if you’re stuck.
  • Breakthrough the language barrier
    • Bridge that barrier gap with Jasper, who can translate content into more than 25 languages.
  • Scale up your content marketing fast
    • Need to refresh some old copy? Jasper allows you to generate new material without paying for junior writers.

User Experience

Flexible and easy to use, Jasper’s Boss mode (an option I’d recommend) is a competent AI writing assistant providing some key modules to enable you to write AI content for different purposes.

From a user point of view (and especially for you technophobes out there), it’s an easy-to-use system that allows you to explore the options rather than forcing you to use specific modules to start writing. 

Play around with the different modules, and within 30 minutes, you’ll get the hang of how Jasper is competent in producing high-quality content. 


Jasper offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $49+/month.
  • Boss Mode: $59+/month.
  • Business: Custom Plans available.

What I Like/Dislike About Jasper


  • The templates available help you create everything from an opening title to an entire book.
  • It’s an intuitive interface and easy to use.


  • Jasper sometimes requires stringent proofreading to check the content’s grammar, spelling and flow.
  • The user interface could be better laid out. 

Product Updates

  • Jasper is integrating with more and more tools all the time, making it more user-friendly and adaptable as a multi-integrated tool. 
  • Sufer SEO is one of the best integrations as, when combined with jasper, it will help you achieve high SEO results.

Get started with Jasper.

2. Anyword

Best For Marketers

Anyword AI is another fantastic option as an AI writer, providing marketers with an intuitive and powerful content generator to help create content faster, quicker, and in the right tone for any campaign.

Creative and informative copywriting is at the heart of any good content. And this is where Anyword’s AI technology shines as it helps generate copy optimised for any particular topic.

From a marketing perspective, Anyword AI is simple to use. With just a few clicks, users can easily generate content with their industry keywords.

Key Features

  • Create content automatically in any language 
    • Anyword enables users to generate any content quickly, regardless of language. 
  • Keyword Targeting
    • Anyword has a powerful keyword tool enabling users to select the best keywords for any given topic quickly.
  • Data-Driven Word Research
    • This AI writer enables users to create data-driven content, with Anyword automatically recommending the best words for any given topic. Nice!
  • Intelligent Formatting 
    • Anyword’s AI technology helps you format your content according to any particular requirements, such as industry and demographics.
  • Save Time And Money 
    • Anyword allows you to create content faster, reducing the cost associated with creating new content word optimisation. 

User Experience

From my experience of using both Jasper and Anyword AI, it’s a tough call as both are great AI content generators, but Anyword is a winning solution for any marketer looking for robust AI writing software that can create good ad copy.

It provides an intuitive, straightforward and powerful tool that can help generate engaging and targeted content.

Anyword AI offers unique advantages to any content creator, but it’s ideal for marketers and those looking for targeted and optimised content.


Anyword AI offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $24+/month.
  • Data-Driven Mode: $83+/month.

What I Like/Dislike About Anyword AI


  • The templates are easier to access than others, making it clear what’s available.
  • Predictive analytics means no need to integrate third-party SEO software.
  • The pricing is very reasonable.


  • No real-time support.
  • Getting the content right for any project can take trial and error.

Product Updates

Anyword’s AI software is becoming more adaptable in its ability to amplify products, services or articles across all channels and in every format for maximum reach.

Get started with Anyword.

3. Scalenut

Best For Content Writing Feedback

Scalenut offers users an intuitive and powerful tool to create content faster, better and in the right tone.

It’s a powerful tool that enables users to get feedback on offers a range of features, such as:


  • Good Integration
    • Integrating Scalenut with Google docs makes content production a breeze, a real bonus for me.
  • Great Selection Of Templates
    • Another handy feature is its AI-generated templates, so even if you only have a rough idea of what you want to write about, Scalenut will kickstart the content creation process.
  • Accurate NLP
    • Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) AI from Scalenut allows content to achieve higher ranking for relevant searches and drive more organic traffic.
  • Quality Free Tools
    • Scalenut is generous with its offering of free tools, which include a Chrome extension, blog ideas, and several content generators, including a meta-description generator.

User Experience

I am continually impressed with how user-friendly this tool is. Boasting remarkable products and an effortless-to-navigate UI. I’m particularly fond of Crusie Mode – designed to assist marketing experts and novices create superior-quality material within minutes.


Scalenut offers these pricing plans:

  • Individual: $29/mo
  • Growth: $79/mo
  • Pro: $149/mo

What I Like/Dislike About Scalenut


  • The number of free tools they offer is a real bonus over other content creation software.
  • Its user-friendly interface means you can start producing quality content quickly, even if you’re a novice.


  • Their subscription costs have risen over time as the software becomes more popular, so choosing the right subscription for your needs is essential.
  • When writing this review, some pages needed to load correctly.

Product Updates

  • The platform is continually being updated. By clicking on the tab labelled “What’s New” – you can see all the relevant and most recent updates.

Get started with Scalenut.

4. Surfer SEO

Best For SEO Content

Best AI Content Generator Software

Surfer SEO is a powerful content generator for marketers looking to drive more website traffic and improve their search rankings. By optimising a site’s on-page content, keywords, backlinks, and other factors, Surfer SEO can help boost a site’s visibility in search results.

When users land on an SEO Surfer-optimised site, users are more likely to stay on your site and engage with your content, helping you build a loyal following and strengthen relationships with potential customers, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Whatever size business you are, from one-man bands to global corporations, if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, Surfer SEO is a superb AI writing tool

Best AI Content Generator Software

Features & Benefits

  • Content Editor
    • The flagship feature allows you to write and optimise simultaneously using real-time metrics for structure, word count, NLP-ready keywords and images, and rank high anywhere in the world.
  • SEO Audit
    • The SEO Audit tool gives you step-by-step instructions on optimising your content, helping you rank higher on search engines.
  • SERP Analyzer Tool
    • For different ranking criteria, compare and inspect the leading website pages in Google’s search engine results page (SERPs) for other ranking criteria. 
  • Keyword Research
    • Surfer’s Keyword Research Tool makes finding the perfect topic clusters for your primary keyword painless, eliminating hours of tedious research. Unlock dozens of critical topics with this helpful tool!

User Experience

Part of Surfer’s user experience is to publish weekly videos for new features and as training to help you master the platform.

Best AI Content Generator Software
Best AI Content Generator Software


Surfer SEO has 4 plans available:

  • Basic: $59
  • Pro: $119
  • Business: $239
  • Custom

What I Like/Dislike About Surfer SEO:


  • Provides SEO-optimised content for posts, articles and marketing copy quickly and easily.
  • The accuracy and relevance of the keywords provided is, quite frankly, brilliant.
  • When integrated with Jasper AI, it takes SEO optimisation to another level.
  • Free tools include Surfer Google Chrome Extension allowing you to see stats and keywords of your competitor’s pages.


  • There are times when I need clarification on the originality of the content provided.
  • Monthly costs can add up quickly if you exceed your monthly subscription limit.

Product Updates

  • The team behind Surfer SEO are constantly improving the AI technology and integrating with other apps, such as Google Docs.

Get started with Surfer SEO.

Try Surfer SEO Read The Full Review


Best For Content Outlines

Best AI Content Generator Software is your go-to AI content generator for creating high-quality blog posts at lightning speed! In 30 seconds or less, you can have the initial draft of your article prepared and ready to refine. Thanks to’s cutting-edge technology, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality over quantity – get both with just one simple click!

Enter a topic and some keywords, and will do all the hard work! This powerful platform continuously searches its immense collection of 10 million+ articles to find original content that perfectly matches your specific criteria–guaranteeing instant success. has been designed to provide a comprehensive outline for your articles so you can jumpstart the writing process immediately! This makes it an incredibly useful resource for bloggers and content marketers looking to quickly produce quality ideas or save time developing their original work.

Key Features

Best AI Content Generator Software
  • Chrome Extension
    • It makes it easy to generate copy on the fly in Google Docs and Gmail tools.
  • Multiple Languages
    • You can enter content in English and generate content in Spanish.
  • Facebook Group
    • If you’re looking for advice, support, and the latest AI-related content – including creative Facebook ad ideas from their Facebook group.
  • Resources and Tutorials
    • Extensive resource collection for getting the most out of the tool.
  • Cutting-Edge AI technology
    • Generate copy within seconds.

User Experience

Part of’s user experience is publishing weekly videos for new features and training to help you master the platform.

Best AI Content Generator Software


Best AI Content Generator Software has two plans available:

  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $49

What I Like/Dislike About


  • As a platform, it’s a great choice for those with an agency model.
  • allows users to generate content that would have been creatively challenging.
  • You can start for free.


  • Accuracy and truthfulness are two of the most prominent concerns surrounding

Product Updates

  • You can continue using this tool for free as the complimentary credits replenish monthly.

Get started with Copy AI.

Try Copy AI

6. Frase.IO

Best For Content Optimisation

Best AI Content Generator Software

Frase is an AI-powered content optimisation tool that helps you create high-quality, original content in no time. With Frase, you can quickly and easily assess your top competitors’ work to discover new opportunities to create compelling writing pieces!

Not only that, Frase’s “Content Brief” feature gives you the power to create comprehensive outlines for your content before even beginning the writing process, which is a nice feature for novice writers.

This tool also works to prevent the deterioration of content – ensuring that it is always up-to-date and pertinent.

Key Features

Best AI Content Generator Software
  • Generate Full Length Optimised Briefs
    • One of my favourite features of Frase is that it allows the user to generate automated content briefs, a really nice feature for those needing to produce quality content swiftly.
  • Competent Review System
    • Before you begin writing, take a moment to review the primary keywords, headers and key ideas. Doing so can help guarantee that your work is accurate and effective!
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Analysing your competitors’ content enables you to stay relevant and adapt to what others are talking about.
  • Outline Builder
    • Using autosuggest, People also Ask, and other relevant data points helps outline your content, so you’re writing about actual information people are searching for on Google.

User Experience

Best AI Content Generator Software

Frase offers Live Q&A, making it stand out amongst other tools in this list. This helps with the experience of using Frase, as it allows you to accelerate your skills using the platform easily, without any steep learning curve.


Best AI Content Generator Software

Frase offers three plans:

  • Solo: $14.99/mo
  • Basic: $44.99/mo
  • Team: $114.99/mo

What I Like/Dislike About Frase


  • Frase offers good value for the number of features it provides, even on the Solo (basic) plan.
  • It’s simple and manageable – keeping it simple can save you time and energy!
  • The AI writer is your go-to solution for all kinds of written content, efficiently reworking sentences to fit any writing project.


  • Some improvements could be made when categorising and storing documents within the platform.

Product Updates

  • Regarding product updates, searching on Google for updates is the best way to stay up to date, although Frase updates the platform continuously.

Get started with Frase.

7. Rytr

Best For Specific Use Cases

Best AI Content Generator Software

Rytr is an excellent time-saving AI content generator, making it a go-to online platform for specific use cases.

With Rytr, making a successful decision is as simple as selecting the right use case and giving it some context – then watch Rytr do the rest! No matter the content you require – from advertisements and blog posts to sales letters and web copy – Rytr is here to serve all your needs quickly.

Rytr is the perfect tool for social media marketers, providing creative inspiration and enabling you to reduce your workload. Create imaginative posts quickly with Rytr!

Key Features

  • SEO Analysis
    • The platform provides a remarkable SEO analyser that can assist you in unlocking the perfect keywords for your content, making it an invaluable asset.
  • Fast And Responsive
    • Additionally, Rytr is ultra-fast, incredibly responsive and optimised for mobile devices.
  • Rytr Community
    • Not only is Rytr a great platform for creating content, it’s also an excellent space to network and collaborate with other users. Get feedback on your projects or work together on new ones!
  • Solid Automation
    • Transform your content creation process with the Rytr API – a powerful tool that helps streamline and automate tasks.


Best AI Content Generator Software

Rytr has three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: $0
  • Saver Plan: $9/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month

What I Like/Dislike About Rytr


  • Easy to use – just enter in your keywords and let Rytr do the rest!
  • Generates content quickly, so you can get back to focusing on what matters.
  • Automatically optimizes your content for SEO purposes.
  • Creates unique and engaging content that stands out from the crowd.


  • While the generated content may be SEO optimised, it still needs to be manually edited for accuracy and quality assurance.
  • The content may be unique, but it may not be as interesting to read as content created by a professional writer.
  • The cost of using Rytr can add up quickly if you are generating a lot of content.

Product Updates

The Rytr team has been working hard to make the content creation process smoother and more powerful. They’ve just released a slew of updates, such as new batch processing features, making it easier to create multiple assets in one go. Furthermore, recent updates have included new customisation features and a revised user interface.

Get started with Rytr.

8. Writesonic

Best Priced Content Creator

Writesonic offers a comprehensive writing suite that combines all the tools aspiring writers need. It offers an easy-to-use interface and powerful editing features, enabling users to craft their stories confidently and precisely.

Overall, Writesonic is a great choice for writers looking for an easy-to-use writing suite that offers powerful editing features and allows them to collaborate with others. It is also priced reasonably, making it accessible to casual and professional users.

Key Features

  • AI-powered Writing Assistant
    • Writesonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you quickly generate great content. It helps you find the best ideas, craft perfect sentences and paragraphs, and finish your work faster.
  • Automated Content Generation
    • With its advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, Writesonic can generate content that is creative, accurate, and engaging. Its automated content generation capabilities make it easier for writers to create compelling pieces of work quickly and efficiently.
  • Grammar & Punctuation Correction
    • Writesonic’s grammar and punctuation corrections make sure your articles are free from any spelling or grammatical errors before you hit publish.
  • Style And Tone Matching
    • With Writesonic, you can match your style and tone to the audience that you’re writing for. It helps ensure that your message is communicated clearly and effectively.


Writesonic offers a Free Trial as well as the Long-Form and Custom plans

  • Free Plan: $0
  • Long Form: $19/month
  • Custom Plan: $Contact Sales

What I Like/Dislike About Writesonic


  • All content is personalised and tailored to the user’s needs and preferences.
  • Costs are kept low due to its automated nature.
  • Produces high quality content quickly and efficiently.
  • No manual labor is required, making it cost effective.


  • Unpredictable results as AI technology is still largely experimental.
  • Quality of content may not be as good as manual content creation in some cases.
  • May require significant resources to set up and operate.

Product Updates

Writesonic has recently released a series of updates that will make creating content more enjoyable than ever! The new updates include an improved UI, increased customisation options, and the ability to quickly switch between multiple projects. Now you can easily create awesome content—no matter your skill level or experience. Plus, the dark theme option gives your content a sleek and modern look.

Get started with Writesonic.


AI content generation is an excellent method for fast and efficient text production.

By reviewing all available alternatives, avoiding common errors, and investing in a dependable content creation platform, you can craft compelling material that will resonate with your audience.

With an array of AI writing software readily available, it is imperative to research and find the perfect AI content generator that meets all your requirements. There’s a lot of hype out there, particularly around applications such as ChatGPT, so choose the one that is going to work best for you.

Content marketers can save time using AI marketing tools to generate text, but not all such applications are created equal.

Uncovering the perfect tool for your needs starts with understanding exactly what you are searching for.

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